One-stop solution to grow your Business

In today’s ever-evolving business world, companies must have reliable and efficient systems processes, and automation to succeed. Without these critical elements, businesses risk falling behind their competitors and ultimately, failing. This is where Fortune Business Academy comes in, providing a one-stop solution for all your business consulting needs.

 Fortune Business Academy is dedicated to simplifying systems processes and automation to help companies excel in their business journey. With Fortune Business Academy, businesses can gain access to a comprehensive range of services, from strategy development, to implementation, and training programs. Fortune Business Academy is made up of experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of various business domains. We are providing personalized consulting services to our clients, and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each business we work with.

 Our core services include business consulting, training & development. Business consulting services cover everything from business strategy development to process improvements. We work closely with clients to identify areas of improvement, develop customized solutions, and guide them to implement these solutions to magnify results. We provide top-notch training & development programs, designed to help businesses upskill their employees and improve overall performance.

 Fortune Business Academy’s one-stop solution ensures our clients can focus on their core competencies while the team handles all the consulting needs. By partnering with us, businesses will have access to all required systems/processes dedicated to bringing speed to their business growth. FBA is the best choice for businesses looking to improve their systems processes and automation. By offering a comprehensive range of services, we tailor solutions to meet each client’s unique needs and provide ongoing support to ensure that businesses can achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Why we had started Fortune Business Academy

               Fortune Business Academy – Started to support Startups in India and aimed to set strong foundations & improve the success rate of startups & MSMEs in India. We believe in and follow the Code of honor / long-term thinking / delivering values / transparent communication. We constantly improve products and services, we do provide 10X value for each and every penny you invested with us.


           This business model, it does not require any specialized qualification / prior experience / technical knowledge / English fluency – It can be implemented by any individual with basic computer knowledge and following step by step proven method provided by FORTUNE BUSINESS ACADEMY. It is very important for startups and small enterprises to adopt digital presence at the early stage itself because the traditional marketing process will consume more resources like time/money & effort – due to this creating brand image in the market will take a lot of time  As per the statistics in India more than 80% of start-ups are closing down – due to various factors after analyzing market we understood that 80% of start-ups are closing their operations within 5-7 years of establishing it. It is creating adverse effects in Founders Personally and it also reducing employment opportunities


            We understood the pain and build a robust model & we are striving to set a strong foundation for every start-up who are associating with us so that it helps them to fast-track their business reach and enhance their productivity. It helps to increase Start-up success rate, increase employability, and helps to build a nation. The Fortune Business Academy has been thoughtfully designed to lay a strong foundation for Start-up in India – based on 40+ years of collaborative experience/research we had created a business model with minimum guarantee success – starting from Idea Validation – Industry/ Market Analysis-Niche Selection-Prototype testing-SWOT Analysis-USP Creation to gain competitive advantage


          We will provide all the necessary information to bring your offline business to online – digital business growth potential- how can you grab streamline suitable business structure for your business with step-by-step guidelines to create branding & promote your business on social media – along with details like how to schedule posts, create infographics, shorts, videos editing, uploading- tips or tricks to handle efficiently. Principles of lean management and how to reduce wastage & increase revenue/profits-creating your own hub/community-how it will help you go get millage for your business-guidelines to create multiple sources of income instead of depending on a single source of income – how to create a Pitch-Deck to spellbound Investors to invest in your business- how to get 360degree view of your business


            Fortune Business Model will help you to understand your present status as well as to plan for your future projections This system which we are providing if you set it up once, will continue to provide benefits till the time you are using it. In our Fortune Business Academy, we simplified all the processes so that anybody with Basic computer knowledge can understand and do it.


 •   IT’S A FAIL PROOF SYSTEM – anybody can do it

•   Only thing required is to take Action – Implementing it with consistency & conviction

•   It’s a completely proven system – If followed thoroughly anyone & everyone can succeed

•   It can only fail – if you don’t take any action to implement it as per the requirement

About the founder Mr. Subramanyam M.B.A. & his view

      I am an M.B.A Graduate with around 2 decades of experience in which 13+ years worked for various prestigious organizations, handled operations across south India & Serial entrepreneur, started 3 companies and built to 15 Cr turnover from scratch within 7 years time. Now started Fortune Business Academy to support Start-ups / Solopreneurs / MSME’s.  I had started my 1st business venture in 2008 but failed. I went back to my job It is a very painful experience. I had worked for few years to save money and gain confidence to start my new venture because I am very passionate about business. Because I have a strong reason for it. To know more about the story – visit our webinar registration page and reserve your seat. Will discuss all details.


      I had started my 2nd venture in 2016 this time also I didn’t get my success smoothly, I had struggled for 3 years to build turnover to 4cr & in 2019 all of you are aware, the pandemic arrived and affected every business. during this time, I had decided I wouldn’t like to go back, instead, I tried to find and run my business irrespective of the pandemic. So, I had followed top successful entrepreneurs in India & visionaries in the world, studied them found some renowned business coaches – bought their courses one after another, spent a lot of time, and researched months together to crack the code which is suitable to fast-track business growth. Because each of them is specialized in something and provides unique solutions. But none of them provide one point solution covering all aspects of the business. Finally, I am able to crack the code and prepared a plan suitable to my business within a few months I am able to bring my business back to track & able to scale it to 15cr.


       Basing on the result I had realized the power systems which I had developed. I had further gone into deep to understand and simplify it, as per the stages of Business growth like start – sustain – stability & scale. This process not only helps entrepreneurs to simplify & automate their business but also helps in creating employability along with economic growth of the Nation. At that time, I strongly felt that, if one business performs well directly or indirectly it is going to help 10 families.


   Since I went through Roller-Coaster Ride, I can understand the pain of startups & SMEs I thought, if I am able to extend this support to at least few companies – it is going to help them to fast-track their business growth. Now I had kept a mission to help at least 1,00,000 entrepreneurs or generate 5,00,000 jobs through them by 2030. We do commit to serving 10% of our income to the charity work and we do urge all our associates also to extend their helping hand by supporting a noble cause in whatever the way they felt right.