Fortune Business Academy is a young and dynamic consulting firm that strives to solve business management problems for our clients, we focus to simplify challenges related to strategy, performance improvement, cost control, sales & Marketing framework design, setting & building a strong foundation, implementing systems/ processes & automation to maximize the results.

For startups – We guide to provide clear understanding of business evolution, Qualities to become visionary leader, Paradigm shift from employee to employer, Idea generation to validation, research, SWOT, USP, setting up business & how to eliminate failure, Growth strategy, Building executive pitch deck almost everything to launch and grow startup.

For MSME’s – We help to set up business growth road maps, strategic /objectives to plan, Competitive analysis, lead management, crafting sales plans, budgeting, key management challenges, assigning KRA’s & KPI tracking, monitoring, improving systems, processes and automation to attain goals, everything to scale MSME business.

Benefits of associating with Fortune Business Academy

Get a competitive advantage

It’s like hiring Management Consultant to create all the practical Frameworks, Tools & Templates you need.



 Improve the capabilities of your organization

 By understanding and implementing how well-established / Fortune 500 companies already achieved great results 



Multi-layered engagement process

We help to engage, manage & develop full potential alignment with company strategy & action plan vision of the company



We are one of the leading strategy & management consulting firms in India

Strategy is the core intelligence / the act of critical thinking & decision-making in business success. Strategic consulting focuses on various alternatives and guides you to make conscious and informed decisions.

Get the job done quicker

Never start from scratch again we develop and provide ready-made Frameworks, Tools & Templates in PowerPoint & Excel to suit the need


Get free support and advice 

Book a call and talk to us to understand and 

provide suitable advice/consulting services – 

we support all Startups & MSMEs In India


Organizational Transformation

This help to adapt to changes, as per the current market demand enabling them to continue their growth trajectory and future-ready


Our sales acceleration programs help MSMEs to fast-track business growth 

We focus on accelerating the speed of doing business, by minimizing transaction cycle time, minimizing working capital requirement, Identifying and mitigating business risks timely, improving cash flows, cost saving, revenue maximization, and efficiency gains hence better margins & ROI

Don’t reinvent the wheel

We have already taken care to create all the Management Consulting framework you need, we will ask you to tweak it to suit your business needs

Reduce your costs

We guide you to implement necessary lean management practices which help to reduce wastage. improve efficiency through optimum utilization of available resources planning.

Digital transformation & simplified automation

Reform-Perform & Transform. We guide in step by step process to bring digital transformation and set up simplified automation to improve efficiency 

We help to set up systems, processes & automation to scale your business

It helps to automate repetitive tasks so that it provides more free time to you to focus on research & development, business growth & critical activities of your business to move forwards and fast track business growth potential.

Common challenges we help to overcome

Important steps in building your business

Why do any Startup – MSME need to choose us

Topics covered & What you can gain by associating with us

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