What you are going to learn in this course ?

  • History of business evolution - changes happening 
  • Why do you need to have own business - foundation principles to create fortune 
  • Qualities required - as a visionary leader and millionaire 
  • Success fundamentals - Thinking habits 
  • Paradigm shift from employee point of view to employer point of view
  • Secrets to start up success - Why anyone will fail - how to eliminate it
  • Self-evolution - Foundation strategies for start up 
  • Qualities an entrepreneur - Skills required to handle 
  • How to do market research - how to test your business idea viability 
  • Designing business Vision and Mission 
  • Finding Niche - Doing SWOT Analysis - Creating USP for your business
  • Prototype testing of your product / service prior to launch your business
  • How do you choose your business structure? 
  • Advantages of becoming an MSME 
  • How to plan and launch your business to gain maximum through gaining competitive advantage 
  • Elements to build successful business model & how to accelerate it 
  • Stages of business growth - focused area in each stage 
  • Strategic planning to build successful business
  • Strategic planning - analysis - Key elements in successful sales model
  • Business growth hacks - which helps you to grow fast 
  • Potential for digital business growth 
  • Why your offline business must have online presence 
  • Guidelines to bring your offline business to online & manage both
  • Why do we need to create branding - Tips to build brand image 
  • Team Management - Benefits - tips - performance tracking - How to overcome challenges 
  • Lean Management - Principles - Steps to design - Advantage
  • Necessity to build own hub / community - advantage 
  • How to add additional source of income - new venture - generate fortune
  • Formats - records - database - analytics to maintain for future reference
  • Guidelines to create pitch deck to attract investors 
  • How to create social media pages and start promoting business

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